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Customized and Results Oriented Massage

Your massage is customized to meet YOUR needs! Whether you are looking for Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pain or Stress Relief your therapist is here to provide the results you are looking for. Massage therapy restores vital energy, reduces stress and promotes a balanced body and mind. At Spa Solai, our licensed massage therapists use a combination of modalities ranging from gentle to deep pressure, paying attention to areas requiring extra care or concentration.

50 Minutes – $75
80 Minutes – $112
110 Minutes – $150

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Fire and Ice Treatment – add $10

Rejuvenate mind and body with this circulation boosting contrast therapy. It is designed to decrease pain and increase circulation to areas of tightness or injury. Using a Biotone cream and alternating hot and cold packs you will find that your deepest muscle tightness will release leaving you feeling amazing.

Prenatal Massage

Spa Solai massage therapists attend to the needs of expectant mothers utilizing specialized techniques to relieve headaches, sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps and sciatic pain. Prenatal massage can also alleviate swelling, insomnia and help prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Aromatherapy Massage -Add $5 to any treatment

Essential oils designed specifically for relaxation will provide you with a sensory experience which will induce deep relaxation and increasing your sense of well-being. The art of aromatherapy has been around for centuries, using essential oils to promote healing and well-being in the recipient. Choose between Lavender for calming relaxation, invigorating Peppermint, refreshing Eucalyptus or uplifting Mandarin Orange.

Sports Massage

This bodywork is geared toward participants in athletics. This is used to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for a sporting event to prevent possible injury and to help recover from any injuries incurred during activity. It is also great for weekend warriors!

Swedish Massage

This is the foundation for most massage modalities. If you are looking for a massage that is relaxing, relieves minor pain and stress as well as putting you into a state of well-being this is the treatment for you.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is designed to break the cycle of pain in the body by applying sustained pressure to the spasmed or knotted areas of muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage

Built upon the foundation of Swedish Massage, this takes the pressure to another level that can help resolve chronic pain and bring you into a state of well-being.

Hot Stone Massage

A heat therapy treatment using water-heated smooth basalt stones that aid in melting away tension, easing muscle stiffness and increases circulation.

2 Hour Massage

Foot Massage

Happy Feet

We specialize in matching you up with the right fit for your needs by finding out exactly what you are looking for in each treatment you book!